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My Favourite Female Antagonists

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Women are badass in general. When they're given amazing character arcs with powerful storylines, they knock it out of the park! Out of the umpteen amount of movies I watched, there were a handful of antagonists who truly made an impact, out of which most of them were women. Here are three of my favorite on-screen female antagonists.

Emily Nelson (A Simple Favour)

Emily Nelson has all that sass a girl needs and along with those suits, she serves goals! As a Blake Lively fan, this is one of my favorite roles of hers. Not diving deep into the character since it would give away the plot of the movie. Trust me, you will want to be Emily Nelson, after watching it ;) Also, this one of the best suspense thrillers to watch on a Saturday Night!

Villanelle (Killing Eve)

HANDS DOWN THE BEST ANTAGONIST CHARACTER THAT WAS EVER CRAFTED! Okay, I will calm down a bit :P Don't let that innocent face fool you. She is one ruthless yet classy monster whom you'll admire all three seasons. From sneakily admiring Eve, to the brash killing of people, Jodie Comer is such a queen! And that explains the Emmy. If you want to watch a show that has high-octane action at its finest, watch Killing Eve on Amazon Prime. The finale will be out in 2022 :D

Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)

The daughter of Odinson, the stepsister of Thor, and Loki. Do I need to say more about how rebellious Hela would be? Who can forget that powerful 'Kneel'? Needless to say, she was one of the best MCU villains. Thor: Ragnarok is one of the few Marvel movies that was action-packed with a lot of humorous moments. If you still haven't watched, log into Disney+ Hotstart right away!

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