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The other side of Marilyn Monroe: the comedy queen!

The name Marilyn Monroe reminds us of the sex icon of the 50s in a glamorous white dress, that made heads turn in the New York subway grate. But there's this other side that makes her a comedic genius. When you're type cast in a certain role, especially as a dumb blonde, everybody looks at you like got to be sexy and dim-witted at the same time. While Marilyn excelled at playing such roles, she is also a great comedian who can make you laugh in minutes with her gimmicks and gestures.

Finding it hard to believe? Well, I have curated a list of movies that's gonna make you fall in love with the 50s, Marilyn and laugh your hearts off!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Two showgirls with different ideologies about love and life, embark on a ship to France. The journey is filled with circumstances that put their ideologies to test. Not to forget, this movie has the ever famous 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' song by Monroe which went on to become a cult hit evoking n number of recreations till date.

I enjoyed watching this screw-ball comedy because of its modern day feminist views and the exemplary fashion choices. The full movie is available for free on Youtube :D

How to marry a millionaire

Three women who are on the verge of poverty scheme a plan to woo three millionaires and get rich in life. As per their plan they do meet such men and they engage in making them fall head over heels. Did the plan succeed and did they get rich? You need to watch the movie to know that and if you think you know what's gonna happen, you're in for a huge surprise.

I watched this one during 2021 lockdown and I thank myself for doing so because it made me forget what was going on in the world and transported me to the 50s world. Also, Marilyn and Lauren's impeccable wardrobe collection made me probe further into 50s fashion and fall in love with them once agin <3

Some like it hot

My absolute favourite that made me a hugeee Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder fan. I have no words to express how much I enjoyed every bit of this film. Mann, Tony Lee Curtis is soo handsome!! This is the movie you should be watching when you are snuggled in your couch with a bowl of pasta, wanting to simply laugh and enjoy.

Two musicians after witnessing a horrific mob murder, disguise themselves as women and join a women-only band as an attempt to escape from the bad guys. Marilyn is a ukelele player in the same band for whom both the men fall flat but unable to express as they're dressed up as women. The unpredictable screenplay makes this movie such a masterclass of comedy. If you wanna watch, go to Amazon Prime and rent it right away!

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