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Movies that bring Audrey and Paris together and why you should be watching them

What comes to your mind when someone says 'Paris'? To me, it's the croissants, Eiffel Tower, beautiful Parisian cafes, and rooms with alluring views. On top of all of these, the romance that the city bespeaks. If you'd like to see some classic Hollywood romance in Paris, here are three Audrey movies you should be checking out right away!

Roman Holiday

A princess, wanting to escape her royal life, ends up with a journalist who has been assigned to write an article on her. He decides to document everything under the pretext of showing her the basic life of Rome. Does he publish the story? How do they fall in love? Do they end up together? Watch the movie to know more!

More than Rome (for once :P), it was Audrey's acting that kept me hooked throughout. No wonder she got an Academy Award despite this being her first film! The day to day 1950's life in Rome, Gregory Peck and Audrey's romance, and a tinge of realistic touch are some of the reasons why Roman Holiday would remain as one of the timeless classics <3

Love in the Afternoon

Ariane, a chirpy young girl has the habit of prying into her detective dad's business. One day, she comes across a conversation between her dad and his client, where the client wants to kill a playboy millionaire (Frank Flannagan) for sleeping with his wife. Quite startled by this, Ariane tries to warn Frank but the plan goes in vain. She ends up in the hotel room disguised as Frank's wife and saves him from getting shot. Quiet impressed by her, Flannagan asks if they could meet sometime later. Even though she refuses initially, she ends up meeting him every afternoon. How these afternoons lead them to love forms the rest of the story.

The movie is a quintessential story of why age doesn't matter in terms of love. A 20 something girl effortlessly falls in love with a 50 something man and there's not even a moment that you're not bewildered by that. Too much love and too much of Paris <3

Funny Face

Dick Avery, a fashion photographer, and Maggie Prescott a stylist stumbles upon Jo, a naive bookstore keeper, and persuades her to be their model. Although she is reluctant, Jo agrees later on and accompanies them to their fashion show in Paris. Watch the movie to see how love blossoms between Avery and Jo and the hurdles they face together.

Check out the songs they break into when they land in Paris, the beautiful bookstore in New York, Givenchy's breathtaking outfits, and some1950s 'Devil wears Prada' vibes.

All the locations shown in these movies remain the same till date with slight enhancements. Even if you're not someone who enjoys old movies, you'll definitely be able to relate to all three of them. Do enjoy these timeless classics and let me know your favorites in the comments :D

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Jan 25, 2021

Awww Durga, I'm so glad that you felt the same way as I did when I watched all of them :) I'm sooo happy to be sharing the Paris connection with you🥺❤️


Durga Rahavan
Durga Rahavan
Jan 25, 2021

My heart!! This post left me with a big wide smile as the writer herself had suggested all these movies personally and I’m tooo glad I watched it. Do check it out & I’m sure you’ll love it all!

Thank you for this wonderful blog.

P.S: When I hear the word ‘Paris’, Monisha comes to my mind♥️

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