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Emily shouldn't be in Paris!

Yep, Emily should leave Paris before she ruins it for all of us -_-

Those who know me personally would right now be 'Oh wait, weren't you the one yapping about this series all over social media?' Yeah, I did. As a sucker for Paris, I absolutely loved the first season. Although it's too good to happen, we all wanted to be Emily at some point in our lives. A marketing job in Paris, a hot neighbor, and accompanied by friends like Mindy and Camille. All of us were anticipating the 2nd season just to see how Emily and Gabriel are gonna handle their love sparks.

With covid variants ruining my vacay plans, I switched on Netflix to catch up on love, a bit more of Paris, and haute couture.1 episode in and I was like 'What the fuck is happening?'

From being ignorant, Emily goes on to become the most obnoxious TV character. She makes the worst possible decisions and acts cute about it. Along with those decisions, she also wears some ridiculous clothes (like the one below. Dear fashion team, what's this? Help me understand, please.) She is either overdressed or wrongly dressed like her presence.

Camille and Mindy had amazing outfits though. Could have borrowed their wardrobe (and brains) maybe?

There's a (hot) new character called, Alfie who can easily replace Rege Jean in Bridgerton but fails to do what Gabriel did us to in the previous season. Oh, wait, Gabriel, himself didn't do that in this one :(

I fast-forwarded my way through most of the episodes. Some scenes try so hard to be romantic that you lose interest after a point. The finale puts forth a question that is supposed to make us look forward to the big decision, but nope, you'd already be done with it. And guess what? We are gonna be getting more of this mess! Yep, Netflix went ahead and renewed it for two more seasons of wreckless romance and obnoxious characters.

Since she has done enough damage, I think Emily should leave Paris for good. But we all know, she is gonna stay and poke her nose into others' lives, post cringe pictures in the name of social media marketing, and make romance miserable. Let's drink to that!

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