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நினைவு ஒரு மாயை..(memory is a delusion)

Amazon and Thiaragan Kumararja (will be referring him as TK) came together and said 'Modern love but make it Chennai!' and delivered 6 beautiful stories that tugged at heartstrings. But this one amazing masterpiece by TK threw me off into a rabbit hole of thoughts. I am still in the universe of TK, dissolving myself in the spellbinding soundtracks of the maestro, trying to define every thing in this story.

I'm sure TK asked Maestro for something Yuvanish with a Raja's touch and the Maestro took us into the kaleidoscope of his music, showing us different dimensions and transition of moods. The haunting tracks will haunt us forever and stay with us like this story. No wonder he is 'Ilaya'raja. Man can make music for any gen and nail it.

This episode is a set of non-linear scenarios happening at different timelines, giving us a lot of perceptions and making us all script writers. The story revolves around Sam and K and that is the only story line I have got, 'figure out the rest' says TK in his style!

Since all of us are bouncing off theories, here are mine.

It ends where it starts

The first scene where Sam bids goodbye to K, she is actually bidding goodbye to the delusion and that is how the show ends! Let me explain, Sam and K were in love, they break up, he dies and she starts having delusions of him as her coping mechanism. This coping mechanism might be due to her guilt of cheating on him (due to which they break up) and she needs something to keep her guilt-free.

Coming back to the scene, Sam tells K that she has take one of his belongings as that will be their last meet. She decides to keep the script but bids adieu to her delusions. Everything that happens after this scene is what happened between Sam and K in the past.

Embracing the delusion

Sam embraces the delusions of K as part of her life. In the climax, she meets K and tells him that she won't be part of his life anymore. This is her dealing with her delusions and shutting them down once for all. When she tells her psychiatrist that she met K and it might rain soon, you can see a threatened psychiatrist sensing danger.

When she returns home, she won't be wet although it would have rained(coz it's Sam's delusion). You can also see K banging on her doors asking her to accept. This is a symbolic representation of she giving the delusions a chance to leave her, but it keeps coming back to her. So, she opens the door and embraces the delusions as part of her life.

May be it was just a script?

K and Sam meet for the first time in a shoot where he starts telling her a script that goes exactly as the turn of events. May be all of these were part of K's script which he recites to her and all of that happens are a part of his script which ends with 'A film by K'.

And just like that, a thousand such theories came into existence because this man decided to open the gateway to it! If you also have your take on this episode, post them in the comments below :D

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